Women's Division II Club National Championships

Our Goals Are

rugby goals

Promote WDII rugby in the United States

Expose DII women to Women's National Team selectors

Provide a competition structure past the territorial union level

Include the West, Pacific Coast, and Southern California TUs

Inclusion of the WDII National Championship in the USA Rugby Competitions structure

Expand WDII National Championship to a Round of 8 and a Final – both at the same venue as WDI Round of 16/Final Four.


"Where every team still has a chance to win"

"We don't recruit our teams, we build them"

"Unrecognized by the Establishment and Proud of It"

"Thinking outside the box"


WDII Vs Hyères - Match Abandoned/Postponed on December 21st

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Due to really quite Biblical weather conditions (OK, no frogs or locusts, but pretty much everything else was being chucked down) across the département of the Var, today's away match against Carqueiranne-Hyères was abandoned....

Marseille 31 – 27 WDII

Sunday, December 07, 2008

After a catastrophic first half, WDII recovered after the break to get a deserved defensive bonus point....

Côte d'Azur Selections

Monday, December 01, 2008

Four WDII players were involved in yesterday's Coupe de la Fédération, having been selected for the Côte d'Azur side. Beating the Languedoc committee side by 27-6, the local committee has qualified for the quarter finals....

Awayday to Marseille?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Memebrship - benefits and fees.

Come to Marseille next Sunday to watch the WDII match - and let us do the driving! WDII has organised a coach for those supporters who want to attend the Fédérale 1 away game in Marseille....

Business Club

Business Club has five branches: Paris, Antibes, Monaco and Dubai. Each of these clubs has an average of 50 to 100 members. Our members vary from government officials to bankers and property developers. Each of our Business club branches have access to our private boxes situated at the south end of the stadium. After the match all NRBC members are encouraged to mingle with other branch members in the club members bar area.

Each branch will have access to other branch activities e.g Race Day , Golf challenge and International rugby fixtures. Betting isn't part of the club so we're not trying to find out which are top 10 online casinos.

With the support of the newly elected council, the Stade des Arboras is being completely transformed. The construction of hospitality boxes and a new VIP bar area will allow the Members of the NRBC to be received in a fashion which is appropriate to the ambition of the rugby club.

Our partners.



Margy Dessypris Thomas, Women's Club Coordinator

Tracey Gola, EPRFU Women's Club Coordinator


Kristen Johnson, Women's Club Coordinator

Jo Marino, Women's DII Representative


Jessa Giordano, Women's Coordinator and DII Representative

Lori Staples , Past Women's Coordinator

USA Rugby South:

Nancy Campbell, Women's Director

Danita Knox, Past Women's Director

rugby goals

Congratulations to Orlando 2008 Women's DII Champions!

Host: Orlando WRFC and Central Florida Sports Commission

Date: November 8/9, 2008

Tournament Director: Jonathon Mousseau

Host Representative: Raoul Besse

CIPP Deadline: September 15, 2008

Here it is part of our History:

Year 2001

Wolynn Cup

In honor of Pittsburgh Angel Bari Wolynn (1960-1999)

Host: Pittsburgh Angels WRFC, Pittsburgh PA

Date: May 19/20, 2001

Tournament Director: Lori Altenderfer


Ann Arbor (Midwest) (First)

Minneapolis Menagerie (Second)

Aorris Pride (Third)

Hartford Roses (Midwest) (Fourth)


Northeast #2 vs. Midwest #1: Hartford 0, Ann Arbor 53

Northeast #1 vs. Midwest #2: Morris 5, Minneapolis 9


Consolation Final: Morris 24, Hartford 12

Final: Ann Arbor 28, Minneapolis 0

Many thanks to Dave Quackenbush and the 'It Takes Leather Balls' blog for helping us fill in the blanks regarding the scores, participants, and details for 2001. Nowadays even the top rated sports bookies for online bets don't keep information from that long ago.

Year 2002

Host: Cincy-Dayton, Cincinnati, OH

HDate: xxx xx/xx, 2002


Village Lions (Northeast) (First)

Minneapolis Menagerie (Midwest) (Second)

Cincy-Dayton (Midwest) (Third)

History 2005

Host: Naples Hammerheads WRFC, Naples FL

Date: May xx/xx, 2005

First year for Mid-Atlantic. They will host in 2006.


Raleigh Venom (Mid-Atlantic) (First)

Detroit (Midwest) (Second)

Village Lions (Northeast) (Third)

Milwaukee Scylla (Midwest) (Fourth)

Blue Ridge (Mid-Atlantic) (Fifth)

Naples Hammerheads (USA Rugby South) (Sixth)

Albany (Northeast) (Seventh)

Nashville (USA Rugby South) (Eighth)


Detroit 19, Blue Ridge 0

Village Lions 20, Nashville 0

Naples 15, Milwaukee Scylla 10

Raleigh 21, Albany 0

Detroit 22, Village Lions 0

Blue Ridge 29, Nashville 5

Raleigh 29, Milwaukee Scylla 8

Naples 21, Albany 17


Consolation Final: Blue Ridge 31, Naples 8

3rd/4th: Village Lions 15, Milwaukee Scylla 12

Championship Final: Raleigh 8, Detroit 6

Year 2006

Host: Raleigh Venom WRFC, Raleigh NC

Date: November 11/12, 2006

Tournament Dictator (Director): Andy Richards

CIPP Deadline: October 6, 2006


Raleigh Venom (Mid-Atlantic)

Albany (Northeast)

Minneapolis Menagerie (MidWest)

Pittsburgh Angels (MidWest)

Seacoast (Northeast)

NOVA B (Mid-Atlantic)

Naples Hammerheads (USA Rugby South)

Fort Lauderdale (USA Rugby South)


#1 vs. #8: Raleigh 77, Fort Lauderdale 0

#4 vs. #5: Minneapolis 23, NOVA B 17

#2 vs. #7: Pittsburgh 22, Seacoast 5

#3 vs. #6: Albany 34, Naples 3

Semi-Final: Raleigh 53, Minneapolis 0

Consolation Semi-Final: NOVA B 32, Fort Lauderdale 0

Semi-Final: Albany 13, Pittsburgh 3

Consolation Semi-Final: Seacoast 5, Naples 0


7/8 Place: Naples 30, Fort Lauderdale 5

Consolation Final: Seacoast 3, NOVA B 0 (O/T x3)

3/4 Place: Minneapolis 12, Pittsburgh 0

Final: Raleigh 22, Albany 5

Year 2009



Event Comissioner:

Tournament Director:

Host Representative:

CIPP Deadline:




USA Rugby South #1

MidWest #1

Northeast #1

MidAtlantic #1

Northeast #2

USA Rugby South #2

MidAtlantic #2

MidWest #2


xx:xxam games will check in at xx:xxam at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

xx:xxam games will check in at xx:xxam at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Game 1 - xx:00am: Seed #1 vs Seed #8

Game 2 - xx:00am: Seed #4 vs Seed #5

Game 3 - xx:00am: Seed #2 vs Seed #7

Game 4 - xx:00am: Seed #3 vs Seed #6

Game 5 - xx:00pm: Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2

Game 6 - xx:00pm: Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2

Game 7 - xx:00pm: Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4

Game 8 - xx:00pm: Loser Game 3 vs Loser Game 4


Game 9: xx:00am Loser Game 6 vs Loser Game 8 (7/8 Place)

Game 10: xx:00am Winner Game 6 vs Winner Game 8 (5/6 Place)

Game 11: xx:00am Loser Game 5 vs Loser Game 7 (3/4 Place)

Game 12: xx:00pm Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 7 (1/2 Place)